• Returnable Paper Mailing Bags
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    260x70x410mm Manilla Block Bottom Mailing Bag Peel & Seal
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    495x340 Natural Manilla Kraft Sewn Paper Sack 2 Ply  Envelopes
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    Returnable Paper Mailing Bags

    Discover our range of returnable paper mailing bags, designed for eco-conscious businesses. At Envelopes Ltd, we offer sturdy and durable bags that can be reused multiple times, reducing waste and environmental impact.

    Our returnable bags are crafted from premium-quality, sustainably sourced paper. They feature and secure adhesive strips, ensuring reliable closure during transit. With their tear-resistant construction, these bags provide excellent protection for your goods.

    Choose from various sizes and styles to suit your specific packaging needs. Whether you're sending clothing, accessories, or small items, our returnable paper mailing bags are the perfect solution.

    Block Bottom Paper Mailing Bags

    For a professional and stylish packaging option, explore our block bottom paper mailing bags. These bags are specifically designed to stand upright, providing a sturdy base for your products.

    With their gusseted sides and block bottom design, these bags offer extra capacity, making them ideal for bulkier items or multiple items in a single package. They are crafted from strong kraft paper, ensuring reliable strength and protection.

    Our block bottom bags are not only functional but also visually appealing. Their clean and minimalist design allows you to showcase your brand with custom printing options available.

    Why Choose Envelopes Ltd for Paper Mailing Bags?

    • High-quality, eco-friendly paper materials
    • Reusable and returnable options for sustainability
    • Secure adhesive strips for reliable closure
    • Tear-resistant construction for added durability
    • Various sizes and styles to suit your packaging needs
    • Block bottom bags for extra capacity and professional presentation
    • Custom printing options to promote your brand. Contact us at for more information.

    Order your returnable paper mailing bags and block bottom bags from Envelopes Ltd today and enjoy secure, eco-friendly packaging for your products.